Are you ready to re-brand?

Do you feel it in your bones? Are you not satisfied with your brand anymore? Does your work and your website not match? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time for a re-brand. Still not sure? Below are some more ways to examine your current brand and see if it's time for a change. 

1) You hate to give out your marketing materials

Do you cringe when someone asks for your business card and it is way beyond outdated? The watercolor florals you once loved totally don't represent who you are now.

You want to give out marketing materials with excitement and confidence. You want to give someone your website URL because YOU are proud of it. You are proud of the vision you have created. 

2) Your services and products have changed

It may be time for a rebrand if your services have changed. Were you once a newborn photographer but have since turned into a product photographer? The two are different but have the same foundation. However, that doesn't mean the same branding works for both. 

3) You can’t explain what your business does or who your ideal client is 

Are you someone who is just starting out? Do you have a lack of clarity when it comes to your business? OR do you know what your company does but you just can't seem to find the right words to describe it? 

This is why branding is essential. You want to be able to talk to potential clients about who and what your company represents. You also want to be attracting your most ideal clients. This is where getting a professional comes into play. You wouldn't take your broken car to your cousin Bob; you take it to a mechanic. Just like with your brand, you need to take it to a professional; someone who can help you develop your brand. 

These a just a few ways to tell if you are ready for a re-brand. Ultimately, trust your gut when it comes to your brand. This is the first thing potential clients see, so it's worth the investment. And if you've never had a "brand" before, now is definitely the time to get started! 

I'd love the opportunity to work with you! Click here! 

5 Tips for Curating a Social Feed!

We've all wondered how that person on Instagram gets their feed so pretty (you know what I mean). You've tried and tried and just cannot seem to get a consistent theme going. Well, I am not pro at this either but I have found a couple tools helpful in my attempt to achieve a consistent theme and color scheme within my social platform. 

1) Latergram

This program is available on your desktop and it can be an app on your phone. Latergram let's you program posts ahead of when you actually want to post them. You can set a specific date and time that you want the post to go live. It also helps you see what your feed is going to look like with the "Preview" feature. This helps you see if your feed is flowing and if it is aesthetically pleasing.  

2) VSCO - Always use the same filter

I always edit the photos I take on my phone with VSCO app. Their presets are bright, crisp, and just amazing. You should always use the same filters on all of your photos to help keep your images consistent. Using the same presets not only helps you aesthetically, but it saves on time too. I simply copy and paste the presets from older photos to my newer photos for an easy edit.

My favorite presets are A4, A6, and M5!

3) Aesthetic Planner

Ya'll this tool has SAVED my life. Andrea Crouse has designed a BEAUTIFUL aesthetic planner that she sends out monthly and it is completely free (yupp...I said it....FREE). She includes the purpose of your social pages, top 7 content themes and a month of posts all laid out. All you have to do it go to this link and subscribe to her page to receive the planner in your email. 

4) Word Swag

I love this app. This app helps you create Instagram posts/stories that are just a tad bit prettier than the normal settings. You can choose from many different fonts and backgrounds. Ever wonder how people get the pretty boxes with the pretty font on their stories? This is the app for that! 

5) Be you! 

I know that sounds so cliche but people on social media are drawn to accounts that are REAL and RAW! I am talking about sharing your real life and not a bajillion pretty photos. Post about the flat tire you got this morning. Post about your favorite things. Post about how you can't keep that dang plant alive even though it is supposed to be a low risk plant. Followers like to see the real you and are drawn to authenticity. 

My favorites of who lives by this: @taylortippett, @ohmamaperks, @rswd_co


I hope you find these tips helpful in your attempt to curate your feeds! If you like these tips, let me know! Subscribe to this page to be the first to know about more tips, blog posts, and news!