Edgy, Modern Suite

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C62209BF-BB93-40F8-AD8C-0CC696F42D3F 2.jpg

Edgy, Modern Suite


The Blue Watercolor Suite features a faded watercolor background, going from a deep indigo through a variety of rich blue hues, with a hand-drawn wedding crest (containing the groom's last name initial). This design is great for a beach wedding, but also creates a gorgeous accent color for a neutral-themed event. For a different color scheme, please purchase the "Custom Color Upgrade" add-on item.

All wording is customizable. 

Choose from:

The One-Piece Suite
containing the invitation + envelope

The Two-Piece Suite
containing the invitation + envelope and RSVP card + small envelope

The Three-Piece Suite
containing the invitation + envelope, RSVP card + small envelope, and details card

Envelope Options:
Kraft or White

For a hand-painted venue map, calligraphy/printed addressing, or any additional day-of wedding items, those are available as additional items to purchase on my shop!

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