January Intro!


Who I am

I am a Charlotte native who found her passion for creativity while in college. I also found my future husband there too so I would say my time at Appalachian State was well worth the student loans (#millennialproblems). I get my stubbornness from my father and my OCD tendencies from my mother. I am 1 of 3 girls in our family (bless my dad). I am OBSESSED with my dog, Mowgli, and even more obsessed with my fiance, Zack. 

I work for an amazing mortgage company by day and as an entrepreneur by night. On the weekends you can find me in the mountains; probably going camping, hiking, or snowboarding. I also worship at Queen City Church here in Charlotte, NC! 

What gets me going about branding

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Color Palettes

Nothing gets me going more than a good color palette. Your color palette is SO important in your branding identity. For example, if I showed you the color "Robin's Egg Blue," you would instantly tie it to Tiffany & Co. 

Colors can also set a mood and create an atmosphere. Want a energetic and fun atmosphere? Pick vibrant colors! Want a relaxing and safe atmosphere? Pick neutrals and soft tones. 

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Ya'll, I am not kidding when I say I can spend HOURS researching fonts. There is just something about font selection that just TRANSFORMS a brand. It is so important to keep your font selection to about 3 different fonts and to always keep them consistent. Have you ever been on a website where the font choices just make your head hurt? I know I have! And I instantly click away. Your font choices are the middle of your sandwich! Nothing in it and it would just be bland? Too many ingredients and you've got a gross sandwich. Choose wisely!



Any brand trying to "make it," probably won't without a little passion. It would be like an environmentalist trying to sell cars. You don't believe in what you are selling/educating people on and therefore there's no passion. I get so PUMPED with someone comes to me with passion for their brand. Their passion gives me passion and together, well, that is magic.